Ceramic Toilet


Whether at home, work, the shopping mall, or school, the Arumloo provides a low flush, water saving toilet solution, for everyone.

The Vortex

Natural Efficiency

The vortex flush efficiently cleans the bowl with minimum splash and maximum hygienic benefit.


Outer Elegance

The stylish outer form inspired by the Arum Lily brings the beauty of nature into every bathroom.

Low Flush

Less than 2 L per flush

The high performance flush can be connected to the water mains or can flush manually on greywater.

  • Push button and flush handle options are available.

Water Seal

Reliable Performance

The patented water seal design prevents odours and minimises the risks of blockages.

Ceramic Toilet Specifications Overview

  • Close-coupled toilet
  • High quality ceramic glaze
  • Easy to clean rimless design
  • Water saving flush mechanism
  • Push button flush
  • Multi-flush cistern – no more waiting for the cistern to re-fill
  • Vortex flush for effective cleaning of surfaces
  • Standard inlet and outlet connections for easy installation