Frequently Asked Questions

+ How much water does the Arumloo use?
The Arumloo has been tested to flush solids effectively on 2 litres of water. Only one litre of water is needed to flush urine. This means that the average flush volume is 1.3 litres (0.34 US Gallons).
+ How is it different from my conventional toilet?
A conventional flush toilet uses between 6 and 9 litres of water per flush. A modern dual flush toilet flushes on 3 litres for urine or 6 litres for solids, three times more water than the Arumloo.
+ Will the toilet flush properly?
The patented design of the Arumloo will effortlessly flush solids clear of the bowl. Unlike some dual flush or low flush toilets you will not need to double flush (this would just waste more water).
+ Will the low flush cause my drains to block?
We have had demonstration units installed on standard 110mm sewer pipes for more than 3 years without any noticeable blockage issues. If your drainage pipes are built according to the building regulations and are in a good condition then there will be no blockage issues with the 2 litre flush.
+ Where can I purchase the Arumloo toilet and DEWdrop greywater recycling system?
Please use the ‘enquire now’ form to let us know where you are and how many products you need; we’ll get back to you.
+ How much is a unit?
The price will depend on your location and how many units you require, please use the ‘enquire now’ form so that we can send you a quotation.
+ Shouldn’t we just be using composting toilets?
Dry toilets are a good solution for the right application, however flush toilets provide, collect and convey waste to a central location for safe treatment. Flush toilets are also odour free and more suitable for installing inside the home.
+ Do you have stock available?
Please use the ‘enquire now’. form to tell us what product you are looking for so that we can confirm availability.
+ Is the Arumloo certified?
The Arumloo complies with relevant portions of the South African National Standards (SANS) to ensure that it complies with standard plumbing connections. However, aspects of the water efficient design mean that the Arumloo deviates from the full SANS requirements. We are planning to obtain an Agrément certificate and will issue this certificate when it becomes available.
+ Where is it manufactured?
Arumloo (Pty) Ltd is a South African company. The products are manufactured in Africa for Africans (and the rest of the world).
+ Are components easily obtainable (flushing mechanism etc.)?
The toilet will be supplied with a flush mechanism, inlet valve and toilet seat. In the future if you ever need to replace these components they can be sourced from standard plumbing outlets.
+ Will I need a special plumber?
No, the Arumloo can be installed by any qualified plumber using standard connection fittings.
+ Where is Arumloo (Pty) Ltd based?
Arumloo provides national coverage to South Africa from its offices in Cape Town and Hilton in the KZN Midlands. We also have a growing network of worldwide agents. Please use the ‘enquire now’ form if you would like to meet with one of our team.
+ Do you have any units currently installed?
Our first demonstration units were installed in 2019. We now have units installed throughout South Africa, providing low flush toilets to private households, schools, businesses and the tourism industry.