The Team

Debbie Harris | Managing Director

Debbie established Arumloo (Pty) Ltd. in 2016 eager for people to gain improved access to dignified sanitation.  With a passion to support emerging enterprises, Debbie brings her business and marketing expertise to shape the company and ensure the success of Arumloo and the other small businesses and entrepreneurs that form a critical part of the company's supply chain.

Jonny Harris | Product Developer

As a Civil Engineer, Jonny has extensive experience in the field of sustainable water management, water sensitive design, and the delivery of appropriate sanitation and ecological wastewater treatment solutions.  As the lead inventor of the Arumloo, Jonny is responsible for the design and development of our water saving product range with the mission to deliver effective sanitation and wastewater treatment systems that help to build thriving liveable cities.

Sabelo Domo | Sales & Marketing

With a captivating smile and a contagious laugh, Sabelo is a proactive and highly motivated individual who may be the most pleasant salesman you will ever encounter. He completed his Bachelor in Business Administration degree at TSiBA where he specialized in entrepreneurship and leadership for which he was awarded a scholarship.

Warren Turner | Designer

Born and raised in India, Warren has been involved since the early stages of the Arumloo product development.  He started off his career working as an apprentice to various architectural firms and subsequently on various international projects as a graphic, interior and product designer. Warren is committed to developing the form and function of our products to ensure that they retain optimal performance while still looking beautiful.


Our Story

Our Story

When nature calls, 2.5 billion people worldwide have no access to toilets; millions of others have no option but to use unsafe and unhygienic toilets.

Following our involvement in a successful pour flush trial in 2013, we set about further developing this technology to provide the water saving benefits of the pour flush toilet, but with the convenience of a normal flush toilet.

In order to develop a new water efficient toilet, we drew inspiration from the genius that we see in nature, and in particular the Arum Lily (or Calla Lily). The vortex form of the lily represents the path of least resistance, defining the novel shape of the toilet bowl for more efficient flushing. This birthed the idea of the Arumloo.

Arumloo (Pty) Ltd was established in 2016 with the vision of enabling equal access to water-efficient sanitation for all. Looking to nature, we have developed several water saving solutions, improving the way we flush, treat and re-use water, in order to build thriving water resilient neighbourhoods.

Our Mission

| To enable equality in sanitation for all.
| To uphold integrity, dignity and life.
| To develop innovative building blocks for water resilient neighbourhoods.
| To supply environmentally sound, water-efficient solutions

Our Values

Turning the TIDE on how to do business.


We will be open, honest, and straightforward about our operations and our products.


Our products will deliver the performance and reliability that we say they will.


We will respect our customers, our partners, our staff and the environment.


We believe that everyone has an equal right to good quality water and sanitation systems. We actively promote equal opportunities for our staff, regardless of age, race or gender.

Our Partners

In order to develop the best quality water saving sanitation, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with inspiring skilled people from our partner organisations.